Best Movie and TV Christmas Jumpers for 2017

With Christmas jumper day just around the corner (on the 15th December), it’s time to start thinking what Christmas jumper to wear. For me and my colleagues, we’re not looking further than TV and movie related jumpers.

This year, there seems to have been an increase in the number of quality movie and TV Christmas jumpers on the horizon. Based on a bit of looking around, I thought we’d share our favourite jumpers. Based on TV shows and movies.

Game of Thrones

let it snow

You can’t have a list of TV and movie Christmas jumpers without a Game of Thrones jumper. Who better to represent this than the man himself. The King of the North!

Rick & Morty

There has to be at least one person wearing a Rick and Morty jumper. Who wants a snowman or a Christmas pudding when you can have Rick Sanchez’s eyes staring at your work colleagues.

Star Wars

Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader Christmas jumper

Star Wars Christmas jumpers were the original nerdy jumpers. Now the range has expanded exponentially. Out of all the movies and TV shows, they seem to have the widest selection of different jumpers.

Stranger Things

Another popular show among the writers on this site is Stranger Things. With the second season launching during Haloween on Netflix, it’s fresh in everyone’s eyes. There are some cool and clever Christmas jumpers for Stanger Things. Like the two below.

It also looks like DC and Marvel have taken their comic book rivalry to Christmas jumpers. There are some great jumpers which would make most nerds and even non-nerds excited.

Let’s have a look at Marvel first


I think we need Hulk and Iron Man to help settle things!

However, that model doesn’t exactly looking too hulking to model that jumper!

Then on the opposing team we have the DC jumpers.

I’m not about you but I’m Marvel over DC here as well (Marvel fanboy alert!)

Harry Potter

Also for those JK Rowling fans, we there are some awesome Harry Potter jumpers. The pick of the bunch has to be this green and black fairisle.

There are also the classics. We’re talking Home Alone, Elf and Die Hard jumpers. Anyone born before the nineties would appreciate these retro classics.


Regardless of what you like. Let us know what is your favourite movie and TV Christmas jumper for 2017.

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