Key Takeaways from the Captain Marvel First Look Images

This short tweet gave fans the assumption that a Captain Marvel trailer would drop very soon. Like, the following day.

But someone should inform Brie on how exactly to “Break” the internet. Because We Did NOT get a trailer. Instead, we got an advance look at the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s latest issue, with Brie in full costume on the cover.

Now, while, the trailer can’t be too far behind, it’s disappointing to be led one way only to have a different result. Still, the photos offer a lot of clues into what the film could be about. Here are five takeaways extrapolated from the Images released this week.

It’s set in the nineties

From Carol rocking acid washed jeans and a NIN tee-shirt, to a younger, patchless Nick Fury, it’s obvious that this film is NOT set in the present. Much like Wonder Woman, the film it’s often getting compared to, Captain Marvel is a period piece. It gives a unique perspective to a Marvel Universe in which Superheroes are not prevalent in the world, Captain America is still on ice, and SHIELD has yet to deal with extraterrestrial threats.

It will be very interesting to see what sort of foreshadowing the directors will provide, given the time period. Will we see a college-age Tony Stark? Will Captain America be spoken about as a rumour or a legend? There are so many ways the creators could go.

It doesn’t forget its lineage

Carol Danvers isn’t the first person to wear the mantle of Captain Marvel, and the film seems to acknowledge that. While Jude Law’s character is a mystery (it’s said that He’s a Commander of Starforce, an interstellar military unit that Carol’s a part of), all indications are that Jude is playing the character of Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel and Carol’s mentor.

Also, in the film is Monica Rambeau, going by the name Maria, who was the second Captain Marvel in the Comics series and who then went on to go by the code name “Photon” ( In the film she is a pilot and Photon is her call sigh).

Marvel has always been good at including different iterations of their characters when they can. From Ant-Man including both Hank Pym and Scott Lang to the Guardians of the Galaxy introducing the original team as high ranking Ravagers, Marvel films have never forgotten the lineage of its characters.

It hints at the coming of the secret invasion

Back in the late 2000’s, when Brian Bendis was writing the Avengers and making it one of the top-selling titles of all time, He and artist Leinil Yu started an event crossover called Secret Invasion. It basically told the story of the Skrull’s infiltration of the Avengers and the chaos that came as result. It was a six-month storyline that upended much of the Marvel universe and took some time for the team to recover.

The Skrull’s play the film’s big bad, and it’s hinted that they will be invading earth, though we assume they will be in disguise when they do (for those who don’t know, Skrull’s are alien invaders who can shapeshift into any living form. They are often seen in human form doing nefarious things.)

How they invade earth, and how Carol dispatches them without the rest of the world knowing about them, will be a major plot development in the film.

The return of old faces

Before he went mad with his thirst for power, Ronan the accuser was a high ranking Kree of official (the Kree are a race of super-powered beings. Carol is half Kree). In this film, we will see a more mentally balanced (we assume) version of the character, before he descends into the madness that will eventually cause his downfall.

We also get to see Korath again, who in this film is also a member of Carol’s Starforce team.

Captain Marvel has a lot riding on it. It’s the First Marvel film to feature a female lead. It’s the bridge to Avengers 4. It stars an academy award winner, and the character herself has become a symbol of women’s empowerment. Captain Marvel has a lot of goodwill going for her and the hype surrounding the film will be intense.

But Marvel has not let down yet, and if their tracker record gives any indication, it’s almost assured that Captain Marvel will be a smash hit.