Top Five “Avengers: Infinity War” Predictions

This is a post by Thomas Rodriguez.

It’s arguably the most anticipated film to hit the theatres since The Phantom Menace. It’s the culmination of everything that Marvel has built up in their cinematic universe. It’s the climax, the endgame, the result of a decade’s worth of storytelling.

With that anticipation comes expectations. Whether the film will meet those expectations remains to be seen. With the release four months away, now is a good time to dream and imagine and hope that the film lives up to those expectations.

With that, I have five predictions on what will happen in Avengers: Infinity War.

1. Captain Marvel Is Introduced!

One of the more exciting film projects that will be coming after Infinity War is The Brie Larson helmed Captain Marvel. Rumour has it that the film will feature Carol Danvers and be set in the 90’s.

Not knowing much about the plot of the upcoming film, one can guess that the majority of it will involve space, and if that’s the case, Infinity War will provide an opportunity to introduce the character to the public.


I could imagine the film using her almost like a herald. I see her crash landing on earth, after having been away for all those years and warning the Avengers of the coming of Thanos.

Maybe the film starts with her battling the Mad Titan.

In any case, it would be a great idea to let the public know that there are more stories to be told after the initial fight with Thanos is complete.

2. Star Lord Discovers the iPod

One of the more light-hearted scenes I’m looking forward to is Peter Quill’s reaction to Earth in the 21st Century. Though he has flown in starcrafts and has fought Aliens from other planets, he’s a lot like Steve Rodgers in that he’s a guy out of time.

It’s going to be funny to see how he reacts to the technologies of today. Especially when he discovers that we can access millions of songs through our smartphones.

His mind is going to be blown.

3. Peter Parker Dies

Notice that I didn’t say “Spider-Man Dies.” there are two separate distinctions.

The MCU will always have a Spider-Man, just not the one you think.

Tony Stark has risked a lot in having Peter Parker be a superhero under his watch. And while that may make Tony feel like he’s keeping the boy safe by keeping an eye on him, Peter is still a 15-year-old kid trying to be a superhero.

I think back to the scene in Spider-man: Homecoming, when Peter is stuck under the rubble. He’s freaking out and for the first time, you realize he’s just a kid.

So, I don’t think it will end well for Peter. He will die doing something heroic and Tony will once again question what exactly is he doing.

Peter’s death will also inspire a young man by the name of Miles Morales to take up the mantle and become the Spider-man of the future.

4. Cameos From The Defenders and The Punisher

It’s been said many times that Marvel doesn’t want to mix the cinematic universe with the street level world of the Netflix shows.

However, given the grand scope of the film (and its sequel) and I think it would be a waste not to at least mention that there are other enhanced beings in New York that don’t always wear the colourful costumes.

I can see a scene where a number of Thanos’s minions are preying on a group of people, only to have one be struck in the back of the head by a Billy club. The monsters turn, and face Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist.

There was also a great scene in the event comic Secret War (The Jonathan Hickman written comic from a few years back) in which a number of costumed villains while toasting the end of the world, sit and have a drink with each other at a bar.

Only to have that drink interrupted by the Punisher.

I can see something similar happen in Infinity War, minus the body counts, of course.

5. A Fox-owned Character (or Characters ) Is Introduced In An End Credits Scene.

As if this writing, it’s not yet known how far along the purchase of 21st Century Fox by Disney has progressed. But there was a quote by Joss Whedon, back when he was directing Avengers: Age of Ultron, in which he knew that Marvel and Sony were making a deal to share the rights to Spider-man, and he had hoped to include a cameo of the character at the end of the movie.

It turned out that the cameo had to wait until Captain America: Civil War.

I don’t know if Marvel plans to incorporate any of the X-men or the Fantastic Four into their shared universe, but if they were to even want to hint about it, I think it happens during an end credit.

My money would be on the MCU introducing a version of Dr. Doom that is more in line with the character’s comic book origin: a man who is on an intellectual level with Tony Stark, is just as talented in the mystical arts as Dr Strange, and also the ruthless dictator of a European country.

It would make for a great foreshadowing of what’s to come.

There are many small moments I’m hoping to see as well. Hulk and Drax getting into a fight. Tony Stark and Rocket Racoon comparing notes. The women of Marvel teaming up and taking on an army of alien soldiers themselves. In any case, this film, and its sequel, has the potential to be the most fun Marvel movie, even the most fun Superhero flick, ever made.