Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 2 Preview + Air Date and Trailers

There’s something ominous coming over the horizon. Something that’s going to threaten the lives of all who live in Hawkins, Indiana.Something that seems to be haunting Will Byer, the only other survivor of the “Upside Down.”Stranger Things makes its return this October, and based off the trailers, it looks as though the threat is much larger for the small town.

Stranger Things makes its return this October 29, and based off the trailers, it looks as though the threat is much larger for the small town.

Set during Halloween in 1984, the second season deals with the aftermath of the events of the first season. The four boys are now back together, trying to make things appear as if they are back to normal.

But Will is still traumatized by the events, and based on the trailer, may still be haunted by the “Upside down.”

Add to that a new threat that seems to be of even greater stature than the Demogorgon, and you have a series that is about to up the ante.

According to Producer Shawn Levy, the show will be about the “Determined desire to return to normalcy in Hawkins.” How successful that will be is anyone’s guess. We will also see the return of Eleven, after her disappearance at the climax of Season one. “It’s a big Climax for Eleven,” said Millie Bobby Brown of the character, “and we’ll learn a lot from her.”

Returning to the show is also Winona Ryder, who in the second season will be dating an old high school friend to cover her feelings, as well as David Habour, who as Detective Hopper, will begin to crack under the pressure of keeping season one’s events quiet. Not many people know that there was a monster running loose, and he’s also doing all he can to protect Joyce and Will.

There are also new cast members coming in to lend their support to an already stellar cast. Sean Astin, of Goonies and Lord of the Rings fame, plays Bob, a former schoolmate of Joyce’s who starts a relationship with her and finds himself at odds with Hopper. And Sadie Sink plays Max, a young lady with a complicated past and a stepbrother with violent tendencies. It looks like she will join the team of Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lucas as they face off with what’s to come (in Ghostbusters costumes, no less).

It’s shaping up to be a fantastic season, and with 80’s nostalgia still going strong, there are high hopes that the second season will be a hit. Hopefully, we will get some questions answered in this second season. Will Nancy finally see Steve as the jerk he is and fall for Jonathan? Will the boys be able to take out this threat that seems so much bigger? And what will we learn about Eleven? How was she able to survive the battle with the Demogorgon?

And if she survived, did the Demogorgon survive as well? October 27th can’t get here fast enough. If you haven’t seen Stranger Things season 1 yet, there’s plenty of time to have binge and be ready for the new season.