This short tweet gave fans the assumption that a Captain Marvel trailer would drop very soon. Like, the following day.

But someone should inform Brie on how exactly to “Break” the internet. Because We Did NOT get a trailer. Instead, we got an advance look at the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s latest issue, with Brie in full costume on the cover.

Now, while, the trailer can’t be too far behind, it’s disappointing to be led one way only to have a different result. Still, the photos offer a lot of clues into what the film could be about. Here are five takeaways extrapolated from the Images released this week.

It’s set in the nineties

From Carol rocking acid washed jeans and a NIN tee-shirt, to a younger, patchless Nick Fury, it’s obvious that this film is NOT set in the present. Much like Wonder Woman, the film it’s often getting compared to, Captain Marvel is a period piece. It gives a unique perspective to a Marvel Universe in which Superheroes are not prevalent in the world, Captain America is still on ice, and SHIELD has yet to deal with extraterrestrial threats.

It will be very interesting to see what sort of foreshadowing the directors will provide, given the time period. Will we see a college-age Tony Stark? Will Captain America be spoken about as a rumour or a legend? There are so many ways the creators could go.

It doesn’t forget its lineage

Carol Danvers isn’t the first person to wear the mantle of Captain Marvel, and the film seems to acknowledge that. While Jude Law’s character is a mystery (it’s said that He’s a Commander of Starforce, an interstellar military unit that Carol’s a part of), all indications are that Jude is playing the character of Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel and Carol’s mentor.

Also, in the film is Monica Rambeau, going by the name Maria, who was the second Captain Marvel in the Comics series and who then went on to go by the code name “Photon” ( In the film she is a pilot and Photon is her call sigh).

Marvel has always been good at including different iterations of their characters when they can. From Ant-Man including both Hank Pym and Scott Lang to the Guardians of the Galaxy introducing the original team as high ranking Ravagers, Marvel films have never forgotten the lineage of its characters.

It hints at the coming of the secret invasion

Back in the late 2000’s, when Brian Bendis was writing the Avengers and making it one of the top-selling titles of all time, He and artist Leinil Yu started an event crossover called Secret Invasion. It basically told the story of the Skrull’s infiltration of the Avengers and the chaos that came as result. It was a six-month storyline that upended much of the Marvel universe and took some time for the team to recover.

The Skrull’s play the film’s big bad, and it’s hinted that they will be invading earth, though we assume they will be in disguise when they do (for those who don’t know, Skrull’s are alien invaders who can shapeshift into any living form. They are often seen in human form doing nefarious things.)

How they invade earth, and how Carol dispatches them without the rest of the world knowing about them, will be a major plot development in the film.

The return of old faces

Before he went mad with his thirst for power, Ronan the accuser was a high ranking Kree of official (the Kree are a race of super-powered beings. Carol is half Kree). In this film, we will see a more mentally balanced (we assume) version of the character, before he descends into the madness that will eventually cause his downfall.

We also get to see Korath again, who in this film is also a member of Carol’s Starforce team.

Captain Marvel has a lot riding on it. It’s the First Marvel film to feature a female lead. It’s the bridge to Avengers 4. It stars an academy award winner, and the character herself has become a symbol of women’s empowerment. Captain Marvel has a lot of goodwill going for her and the hype surrounding the film will be intense.

But Marvel has not let down yet, and if their tracker record gives any indication, it’s almost assured that Captain Marvel will be a smash hit.

This is a review by Thomas Rodriguez

I was afraid that it would buckle under expectations.

I feared it would be a bad movie.

The pre-release reviews were very positive.  But was it because it was a good movie, or because the good intentions behind the film overrode its entertainment value.

It had burned me with Ghostbusters, the remake. I wanted to root for the film’s success because unlike some Neanderthals, I’m not afraid to root for a female protagonist. One of my favorite films of the last decade was Hunger Games. While the sequels were okay, that first film showed that a strong woman, both emotionally and physically, was nothing to be afraid of.

Another protagonist not to fear? The Black superhero.

This wasn’t the first African American Lead in a major superhero film. Wesley Snipes was the day walker in Blade. Before that, Michael Jai White donned the cape and cowl of the supernatural hero Spawn.

But those didn’t have the almost all black cast that Black Panther boasted. and they didn’t feature an African American Director. Black Panther would change the landscape and prove that representation matter.

But it had to be great.

I’m happy to say that Black Panther exceeded even my high expectations.

The film’s brilliance is in the way it’s able to use the fictional country of Wakanda to present questions on isolationism and what a monarchy’s responsibility is to its people when the rest of the world screams for help.

It presents a villain who, much like Magneto in the X-men films, has a valid reason for why he does what he does. It’s a villain with such a solid motivation that, if it were any other film, he would be presented as the hero.

But this movie is not about him. It’s about T’Challa.

The film starts with the history of Wakanda. An alien meteor strikes earth on the land of Wakanda, bringing with it Vibraniam, an alien metal that will allow Wakanda to flourish. It also infects some of the vegetation on the earth. When eaten, the flowers give the consumer powers far beyond those of mortal man. The first Black Panther is born, and like a kingdom, the responsibility is passed down from father to son.

The film then starts in Oakland California in the early nineties. We witness a betrayal. The results of that betrayal will reverberate in T’Challa’s life.

That’s not to say he’s having it easy. He has claimed the throne in the most heartbreaking of ways. While he tries to navigate his newfound responsibilities, his rival, Eric Killmonger, is planning to infiltrate the secure country of Wakanda and reclaim a throne that he believes is rightfully his.

Though the above description may make it sound like the movie is a total drag, it’s anything but. There are many funny moments, especially the interaction between T’Challa and his sister Shuri.

And the Dora Milaje, a group of women warriors, is worth admission alone.

All in all, it’s a fantastic film with thought-provoking commentary on what the responsibly of a country with means is to the world. T’Challa learns that isolation is not the best strategy. Given the oppression minorities have faced, it’s obvious that the black panther feels he must make amends in some way.

The harm that his people did nothing to stop.

Any film that brings forth thought arguments for and against a nationalistic approach and doing it through the entertaining means of superheroism, is a film worth watching.

And re-watching, if you have the chance.

This is a post by Thomas Rodriguez.

It’s arguably the most anticipated film to hit the theatres since The Phantom Menace. It’s the culmination of everything that Marvel has built up in their cinematic universe. It’s the climax, the endgame, the result of a decade’s worth of storytelling.

With that anticipation comes expectations. Whether the film will meet those expectations remains to be seen. With the release four months away, now is a good time to dream and imagine and hope that the film lives up to those expectations.

With that, I have five predictions on what will happen in Avengers: Infinity War.

1. Captain Marvel Is Introduced!

One of the more exciting film projects that will be coming after Infinity War is The Brie Larson helmed Captain Marvel. Rumour has it that the film will feature Carol Danvers and be set in the 90’s.

Not knowing much about the plot of the upcoming film, one can guess that the majority of it will involve space, and if that’s the case, Infinity War will provide an opportunity to introduce the character to the public.


I could imagine the film using her almost like a herald. I see her crash landing on earth, after having been away for all those years and warning the Avengers of the coming of Thanos.

Maybe the film starts with her battling the Mad Titan.

In any case, it would be a great idea to let the public know that there are more stories to be told after the initial fight with Thanos is complete.

2. Star Lord Discovers the iPod

One of the more light-hearted scenes I’m looking forward to is Peter Quill’s reaction to Earth in the 21st Century. Though he has flown in starcrafts and has fought Aliens from other planets, he’s a lot like Steve Rodgers in that he’s a guy out of time.

It’s going to be funny to see how he reacts to the technologies of today. Especially when he discovers that we can access millions of songs through our smartphones.

His mind is going to be blown.

3. Peter Parker Dies

Notice that I didn’t say “Spider-Man Dies.” there are two separate distinctions.

The MCU will always have a Spider-Man, just not the one you think.

Tony Stark has risked a lot in having Peter Parker be a superhero under his watch. And while that may make Tony feel like he’s keeping the boy safe by keeping an eye on him, Peter is still a 15-year-old kid trying to be a superhero.

I think back to the scene in Spider-man: Homecoming, when Peter is stuck under the rubble. He’s freaking out and for the first time, you realize he’s just a kid.

So, I don’t think it will end well for Peter. He will die doing something heroic and Tony will once again question what exactly is he doing.

Peter’s death will also inspire a young man by the name of Miles Morales to take up the mantle and become the Spider-man of the future.

4. Cameos From The Defenders and The Punisher

It’s been said many times that Marvel doesn’t want to mix the cinematic universe with the street level world of the Netflix shows.

However, given the grand scope of the film (and its sequel) and I think it would be a waste not to at least mention that there are other enhanced beings in New York that don’t always wear the colourful costumes.

I can see a scene where a number of Thanos’s minions are preying on a group of people, only to have one be struck in the back of the head by a Billy club. The monsters turn, and face Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist.

There was also a great scene in the event comic Secret War (The Jonathan Hickman written comic from a few years back) in which a number of costumed villains while toasting the end of the world, sit and have a drink with each other at a bar.

Only to have that drink interrupted by the Punisher.

I can see something similar happen in Infinity War, minus the body counts, of course.

5. A Fox-owned Character (or Characters ) Is Introduced In An End Credits Scene.

As if this writing, it’s not yet known how far along the purchase of 21st Century Fox by Disney has progressed. But there was a quote by Joss Whedon, back when he was directing Avengers: Age of Ultron, in which he knew that Marvel and Sony were making a deal to share the rights to Spider-man, and he had hoped to include a cameo of the character at the end of the movie.

It turned out that the cameo had to wait until Captain America: Civil War.

I don’t know if Marvel plans to incorporate any of the X-men or the Fantastic Four into their shared universe, but if they were to even want to hint about it, I think it happens during an end credit.

My money would be on the MCU introducing a version of Dr. Doom that is more in line with the character’s comic book origin: a man who is on an intellectual level with Tony Stark, is just as talented in the mystical arts as Dr Strange, and also the ruthless dictator of a European country.

It would make for a great foreshadowing of what’s to come.

There are many small moments I’m hoping to see as well. Hulk and Drax getting into a fight. Tony Stark and Rocket Racoon comparing notes. The women of Marvel teaming up and taking on an army of alien soldiers themselves. In any case, this film, and its sequel, has the potential to be the most fun Marvel movie, even the most fun Superhero flick, ever made.

With Christmas jumper day just around the corner (on the 15th December), it’s time to start thinking what Christmas jumper to wear. For me and my colleagues, we’re not looking further than TV and movie related jumpers.

This year, there seems to have been an increase in the number of quality movie and TV Christmas jumpers on the horizon. Based on a bit of looking around, I thought we’d share our favourite jumpers. Based on TV shows and movies.

Game of Thrones

let it snow

You can’t have a list of TV and movie Christmas jumpers without a Game of Thrones jumper. Who better to represent this than the man himself. The King of the North!

Rick & Morty

There has to be at least one person wearing a Rick and Morty jumper. Who wants a snowman or a Christmas pudding when you can have Rick Sanchez’s eyes staring at your work colleagues.

Star Wars

Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader Christmas jumper

Star Wars Christmas jumpers were the original nerdy jumpers. Now the range has expanded exponentially. Out of all the movies and TV shows, they seem to have the widest selection of different jumpers.

Stranger Things

Another popular show among the writers on this site is Stranger Things. With the second season launching during Haloween on Netflix, it’s fresh in everyone’s eyes. There are some cool and clever Christmas jumpers for Stanger Things. Like the two below.

It also looks like DC and Marvel have taken their comic book rivalry to Christmas jumpers. There are some great jumpers which would make most nerds and even non-nerds excited.

Let’s have a look at Marvel first


I think we need Hulk and Iron Man to help settle things!

However, that model doesn’t exactly looking too hulking to model that jumper!

Then on the opposing team we have the DC jumpers.

I’m not about you but I’m Marvel over DC here as well (Marvel fanboy alert!)

Harry Potter

Also for those JK Rowling fans, we there are some awesome Harry Potter jumpers. The pick of the bunch has to be this green and black fairisle.

There are also the classics. We’re talking Home Alone, Elf and Die Hard jumpers. Anyone born before the nineties would appreciate these retro classics.


Regardless of what you like. Let us know what is your favourite movie and TV Christmas jumper for 2017.

Also be sure to check some of these sweaters at

It’s been a couple of weeks since the season 7 finale. Admittedly, it was a weaker season than previous ones. However, the end of Season Seven was still pretty intense. Zombie dragons breathing blue fire. Littlefinger punished for his past indiscretions. The long-awaited consummation between Jon Snow and his aunt. The fall of the wall.

With the eighth season of GOT airing as late as 2019, here are some shows that may make that wait a little easier.


In the future, man will find amusement in the virtual reality that is “Westworld.” There, humans can kill and screw whomever they please against the backdrop of the old west. Hosts, the androids who populate the park, are there for man’s entertainment.

But what happens when they become conscience? What happens then they begin to remember the horrors done to them?

The storytelling’s a bit more thought provoking than game of thrones. But like early episodes of GOT, there’s a lot of nudity to appease those missing the “Sexposition” GOT excelled at.

Find it on HBO, HBO GO, and the HBONOW app. Season one is complete and season two will premiere sometime in 2018.

Rating: 9 out of 10 bullets to the chest (if you’re a host)

Handmaid’s Tale

The United States is no more. Women have lost all rights. those who show exceptional fertility become “Handmaids” and are ceremoniously raped every month. One handmaid, Offred, refuses to break and becomes part of the resistance.

This show is HEAVY, especially in the current political climate. Like GOT it has a central hero who doesn’t give up even when the odds are stacked against her. And you look forward to the day Offred gets her revenge. Much like the night Arya got hers against the Freys.

Season One is available on HULU, with season 2 coming in 2018

Rating: 9 out of 10 headdresses.


A married woman travels to the past, falls in love with a Scottish Gael, and promptly has what may be the strangest affair ever.

Outlander is much more romantic than GOT, but it has that soap opera element that one who is addicted to the Songs of Ice and Fire would appreciate.

OUTLANDER is in its second season can currently be seen on STARZ.

Rating: 7 out of 10 magic time traveling stones.


Who isn’t down for a little village pillaging? Vikings tells the story of the legendary Viking Chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok and his crew. It’s more historical fiction than fantasy, but the tone and violence is similar enough to Game of Thrones to make it a worthy surrogate.

Plus, Travis Fimmel is not that bad on the eyes, am I right ladies? Gentlemen? Anyone?

VIKINGS is in its fourth season on The History Channel.

Rating: 7 out of 10 raided villages


There is nothing about this show that is even remotely like Game of Thrones.

But you have a preacher, his lady, and a vampire on the road looking for God. How can you say no to that?

Preacher is in its second season on AMC.

Rating: 9 out of 10 Hallelujahs to the face!

We are in a time where finding something of quality to watch is harder than ever. And while nothing can compare to GOT, it’s good to know there are plenty of options that are out there that will keep you enraged, enlightened, and most of all, engaged.

Happy viewing!

There’s something ominous coming over the horizon. Something that’s going to threaten the lives of all who live in Hawkins, Indiana.Something that seems to be haunting Will Byer, the only other survivor of the “Upside Down.”Stranger Things makes its return this October, and based off the trailers, it looks as though the threat is much larger for the small town.

Stranger Things makes its return this October 29, and based off the trailers, it looks as though the threat is much larger for the small town.

Set during Halloween in 1984, the second season deals with the aftermath of the events of the first season. The four boys are now back together, trying to make things appear as if they are back to normal.

But Will is still traumatized by the events, and based on the trailer, may still be haunted by the “Upside down.”

Add to that a new threat that seems to be of even greater stature than the Demogorgon, and you have a series that is about to up the ante.

According to Producer Shawn Levy, the show will be about the “Determined desire to return to normalcy in Hawkins.” How successful that will be is anyone’s guess. We will also see the return of Eleven, after her disappearance at the climax of Season one. “It’s a big Climax for Eleven,” said Millie Bobby Brown of the character, “and we’ll learn a lot from her.”

Returning to the show is also Winona Ryder, who in the second season will be dating an old high school friend to cover her feelings, as well as David Habour, who as Detective Hopper, will begin to crack under the pressure of keeping season one’s events quiet. Not many people know that there was a monster running loose, and he’s also doing all he can to protect Joyce and Will.

There are also new cast members coming in to lend their support to an already stellar cast. Sean Astin, of Goonies and Lord of the Rings fame, plays Bob, a former schoolmate of Joyce’s who starts a relationship with her and finds himself at odds with Hopper. And Sadie Sink plays Max, a young lady with a complicated past and a stepbrother with violent tendencies. It looks like she will join the team of Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lucas as they face off with what’s to come (in Ghostbusters costumes, no less).

It’s shaping up to be a fantastic season, and with 80’s nostalgia still going strong, there are high hopes that the second season will be a hit. Hopefully, we will get some questions answered in this second season. Will Nancy finally see Steve as the jerk he is and fall for Jonathan? Will the boys be able to take out this threat that seems so much bigger? And what will we learn about Eleven? How was she able to survive the battle with the Demogorgon?

And if she survived, did the Demogorgon survive as well? October 27th can’t get here fast enough. If you haven’t seen Stranger Things season 1 yet, there’s plenty of time to have binge and be ready for the new season.

In case you have been hiding under your bed, there’s a certain red-haired clown who has made his (IT’s?) way onto the big screen. With his seductive grin and red balloons aplenty, he has returned to terrorize young children and lure them into his vicious world “Where we all float down here!”

And no, I’m not Talking about Ronald McDonald. Though I do believe he and IT share the same body count.

Given that he’s (IT’s?) the most popular member of the scary clown club, I thought I would share a few of the scariest clowns in TV or cinema that make my heart jump just thinking about them and what they can do. Warning, these clowns might keep you up all night. These names are a big reason why.


I had entertained the thought of not including Pennywise on the list. But it’s hard to title your article “5 scariest clowns” and not include him (IT?) on the list.

IT’s not just the glowing yellow eyes, the sharp teeth, the forehead that seems to go for miles. It’s the bullying. The mocking. He knows your deepest darkest secrets, and he will expose them to you, and when you are vulnerable, he will strike. He’s the kid in class who knows how to take you down with his words as well as his fist. He’s the reason you think about taking that bottle of pills rather than face the world. He’s the ultimate monster. And he wears White Greasepaint.

That scary ass clown toy from Poltergeist

First it sits there, with its permanent grin, looking at you with its gangly legs and feet.Then it’s gone.

Where did it go?

You check under the bed, and it’s not there.

But why would it be? IT’S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!!

I’m sure sales of Clown related memorabilia plummeted after the release of POLTERGEIST.

And with Good Reason.

The Joker from The Dark Night

I’m specifically talking about Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker. Jack Nicolson made the character seem fun, and the less we talk about Jared Leto the better.

But Heath’s Joker, that guy was unstable. Being in a room with him, you never knew what was going to happen. And that makeup, haphazardly slapped on his face, and those scars? He has a story (or two) about those scars.

The Joker’s always had a laugh at the expense of others, and Heath Ledger brought that madness to the forefront. His performance deserved the Oscar win, and it’s been hard to top since then.

Yes, Jared, I’m looking at you.

Clown, from the film Clown

After a mistake with a birthday clown booking, Kent McCoy finds an old Clown Costume and puts it on, saving the day and earning the love of his son.

But that costume is really the skin of a demon, and slowly, Kent transforms into a monster who lures people into his clutches by pretending to be this sweet, funny clown.

Sound familiar?

The transformation is grotesque and the thrills real. This CLOWN is every bit as frightening as Pennywise, and even more so because he possesses an innocent man in the process.

Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story: Freak Show

Twisty was a gentle but slow-witted clown who only wanted to entertain. But jealousy and rumors destroy his career, and at a depressed state, he attempts suicide by eating a shotgun.

The attempt fails and he’s left with a mutilated face and a new lease on life.

He becomes a killer.

With his mask of a grinning face, and his dirty, disheveled costume, Twisty terrorizes the town, kidnapping children and murdering their mean parents. His grinning mask, with its gray teeth and dark lips, only amp up the nightmare.

Thankfully, these clowns only terrorize us on film and television. You won’t find these clowns at the circus, or at your next birthday party. They aren’t real. It’s only make believe.

Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.